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Call to Artists Application


Commissioned Artwork for the Angel’s Path Sculpture Walk 


Opportunity: Commissioned Artwork for the Barbara Britt Angel’s Path Sculpture Walk 

Commission:  $10,000

Location:  Brandi Fenton Memorial Park, 3482 E. River Rd.,Tucson, Arizona 85718, Pima County

Send Submissions to:

Application Deadline: Friday, March 30, 2024



The Angel’s Path Sculpture Walk Committee, in collaboration with the Pima County Public Art Donations Program, is seeking a high-quality outdoor sculpture to celebrate the life of Barbara Britt and her love of angels.  This opportunity is for the commission of a permanent artwork to be located at Brandi Fenton Park as part of Phase 1 of the Angel’s Path Sculpture Walk Project.


The artist will receive $10,000.00 to make the sculpture, including all materials and costs related to making the sculpture and a plaque, plus transportation and related costs for installation.


Specific Criteria:

The sculpture must be recognizable as an angel and must include a recognizable cat with the angel either holding it or with the cat located near the angel.  The sculpture must be made of outdoor durable material.  The donor would prefer sunlight to come through the wings from a different material that highlights the middle.

(See the Angel’s Path Sculpture Walk Master Plan for sculpture specifications and application instructions.)


MASTER PLAN: Angel’s Path Sculpture Walk

Background: Brandi Memorial Fenton Park

The 56.7-acre Brandi Fenton Memorial Park (BFMP) is unique site for public recreation while retaining the character of the Binghampton Rural Historic Landscape. The park includes three soccer fields, covered basketball courts, shade ramadas, an equestrian arena and facilities, horseshoe pits, a playground, a splash park, an off-leash dog park, walking paths, a fitness course, and a memorial garden at the visitor center. BFMP hosts community programs such as Tucson Cancer Conquerors and environmental education programs on topics like historic agricultural practices, current water usage, and riparian restoration.


Angel’s Path Sculpture Walk Description:

The Sculpture walk will consist of Angel themed sculptures installed along sidewalks and natural pedestrian routes throughout Brandi Fenton Memorial Park.  The walk will consist of approximately 29 original sculptures from multiple artists installed over a 5-year period.  All artworks will be donated to Pima County and accepted through the Public Art Donations Process.



The broad concept of the Sculpture Walk is to accent the unique features of BFMP with high quality sculpture offering inspiration and reflection. The goal is to highlight the Park as a destination for Tucsonans as well as an attraction for tourism. 


Artwork Theme:

The theme of “Angel’s Path: Sculpture Walk” concerns uplifting, inspirational sculptures either representational or abstract in nature.  Placement of the sculptures along sidewalks throughout the park will create a meditative walking path with select groupings of 3-6 sculptures where space allows. Viewers will be inspired by the beauty of the sculpture and reflect upon enlightenment and the transformation of human beings in general.  Perhaps a sculpture will represent a loved one who has passed or a guardian angel who commands a powerful, protective presence in the viewers’ lives.  The Barbara Britt Memorial Sculpture being commissioned is intended to celebrate the life of a much-loved local woman.



Artwork Selection:

The Angel’s Path Sculpture Walk Committee, comprised of the project sponsors and three committee members of Angel’s Path Sculpture Walk, will publicly advertise a “Call to Artists” requesting submissions for this particular artwork.  The Committee will also contact known artists and request submissions.

Applicants’ proposed materials will be reviewed by the committee and selected based on esthetics, durability in an outdoor environment, and alignment with the donor’s requested theme. 


Selection Process:

The committee will review applications, conduct interviews, and select the artwork. The selected artists will have the opportunity to be promoted in media and marketing during and after installation of their work/s of art (Pima County will attend reviews/interviews as a non-voting member).


Artwork Approval Process:

The selected artists will work directly with the committee and the county and follow the public art donations process to include a.) risk management review, b.) maintenance protocol, c.) site access and d.) installation coordination.



The Angel’s Path: Sculpture Walk Committee will cover the cost and fabrication of a concrete base and provide limited onsite logistical/installation resources on a case-by-case basis.


Time Frame: 

•           Applications will be accepted from February 16, 2024 to March 30, 2024.

•           Application Review will occur on or before April 16, 2024.

•           Applicant Interviews will be held the second week of April, 2024.

•           All applicants notified of selection status on or before April 23, 2024.

•           Art committee approval of artist’s design by May 17, 2024.

•           Pima County Public Art Donations process/approval 2 months after design is approved.

•           Notice to Proceed with Installation approx. 6 months from February 16, 2024.

•           Artwork installation complete 6-9 months from February 16, 2024.



Please send the following materials to:

There is no limit to the number of sculptures an artist can submit, however each submission must include the following:


•           3 images from multiple perspectives of 4 different sculptures made by the artist in the last 4 years

•           Artist statement specific to the artwork proposed (No more than 1 page)

•           Artist resume.



All submissions must meet the following criteria. (See diagrams below.)



Stainless steel, mild steel (rust finish) stone, bronze. Any paint must be high quality industrial enamel. No painted murals, tile artwork, electronics (hardwired, solar, battery powered), or experimental materials/processes will be considered.

Artwork Dimensions: 

Sculptures will be large scale, up to 6’-10’ x 4’-10’ x 4’ (site permitting) with an overhead clearance of 6’,6” from the edge of the base.  They will be made of permanent, durable materials that require little to no maintenance.  The sculptures will take into consideration public safety especially for children who are prone to climbing. *Area 5 will be for sculptures under 6’.

Base Specs:

Concrete, load Capacity: Circular 4’ dia. x 7”-11” (off surface) or flush with the ground. Sculpture will mount with security bolts, drilled, tapped, epoxied into base.


Each sculpture will be placed on a base unless there are reasons why it is unnecessary.  The sculptures will be located at designated sites that will enhance the park and not encroach on walkways or public traffic. Installation will be determined by the Angel’s Path Sculpture Walk Committee and coordinated with Pima County on a case-by-case basis.




Environments differ in each area of the park. Sculpture placement will ensure longevity of materials, visibility by the public, and safety. Bases will be set a minimum of 4ft from sidewalks. Sculptures will not obstruct views for traffic or overhang pedestrian paths. Some locations beneath tree canopy may be subject to animal debris over time. Stone and bronze artwork will be sealed and not located under trees. All locations will be adjusted to account for existing irrigation and infrastructure.

Phased Implementation:

The Sculpture Walk will be completed over a five-year period through annual phases. Artworks will be installed in groups of 3-6 in multiple areas at once. Specific locations in each phase will be determined by Angel’s Path Sculpture Walk Committee and based on the donated artwork materials and dimensions.


Barbara Britt Bio: 

Barbara’s husband and sister would like the artist to know the following information about Barb.

“Barb was a kind, generous, compassionate woman, devoted wife, loving sister, and friend to many. She loved cats, snowmen, and angels.  She attended Pima Community College and spent the majority of her career as a bookkeeper. Barb was a lifelong bowler and won team championships in Tucson and a doubles championship in the Arizona State Tournament.  Barb was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in 2017.  She fought her disease courageously but died in October 2019 at the age of 68.  She loved Christmas and bought presents for her family and friends months before she died.  Her passing has left a huge void in the lives of her husband Jeff, sister Gayle, relatives and friends.  Jeff said that marrying Barb was the best decision he ever made and will spend the rest of his life trying to continue to be the man she made him.  Barb’s sister Gayle has great memories of the many trips they made and especially misses those fun birthday celebrations at the casinos.”

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